Conference Organizer

Sunil K. Sinha

Professor & Director

Sustainable Water Infrastructure Management Center

Charles E. Via Jr. Department of Civil and Environmental Eng.

Virginia Tech

Dr. Sinha is a tenured professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech. He is also director of the Sustainable Water Infrastructure Management Center (SWIM) Center. Dr. Sinha's research, teaching, and consulting are in the areas of infrastructure management, sustainability, pattern recognition, sensor informatics, and resilience, especially water systems. He has a total of seven years of practical experience in the infrastructure industry. His dual doctoral degree in Civil Engineering and System Design Engineering and work experience in the industry enables him to participate in interdisciplinary research opportunities, and to utilize his practical knowledge to teach students how to solve real-world problems using fundamental and practical approaches.

Dr. Sinha serves as Vice-chair of NIST Community Resilience Panel for Water and Wastewater Systems Sector, and Chair of ASCE Utility Infrastructure Asset Management Division. He was the seed behind a PBS documentary titled "Liquid Assets: The Story of Our Water Infrastructure," that throws light on a long-buried problem ~~ America's aging water systems. The film is a startling look at water services that Americans use every day, but rarely consider. He has given many NPR interviews and featured as a water infrastructure expert in a History Channel documentary titled "The Crumbling of America".

SWIM 2020 Virtual Program Speakers

Hardeep Anand, Miami-Dade

Martha Anderson, USDA

Meghna Babar-Sebens, OSU

James Carolan, CDM Smith

Steve Cauffman, US DHS

Jim Chelius, American Water

Albert Cho, Xylem

Jim Cooper, Arcadis

David Dzombak, CMU

Radhika Fox, US One Water Alliance

Paolo Gardoni, UIUC

Jennifer Garigliano, NYDEP

Biju George, DC Water

Pierre Glynn, USGS

Walter Graf, WRF

Jon Greene, Virginia Tech

James Horne, US EPA

Celine Hyer, Arcadis

Reese Johnson, MSDGC

Raja Kadiyala, Jacobs

Kristen Kavanagh, Delaware River Basin

Peter Kraft, Xylem

David LaFrance, AWWA

Joone Lopez, MNWD

Ting Lu, Clean Water Services

Richard Luthy, Stanford ERC

Anas Malkawi, HRSD

Joe Manous, US ACE

Therese McAlister, NIST

Melissa Meeker

Jovita Nsoh, Microsoft

Fred Pfiefer, WSSC

Robert Powelson, NAWC

Fazle Rabbi, Houston Water

Carlos Rivero, Smart Cities Council

Glenda Scales, Virginia Tech

Sunil Sinha, Virginia Tech

Jayesh Srivastava, GHD

Kenji Takeuchi, Mueller

Ken Thompson

Edgar Westerhof